Park Rules

BBCP Park Rules PDF


EMERGENCY: Press call Button on Office Door

Behaviour, Alcohol& Drugs: Drunkenness, abusive, violent or disruptive behaviour, foul language, illegal drug use, indecent exposure, public nudity or lewd behaviour is not permitted and immediate eviction will result. Police will be called to lay charges if necessary.  No refunds will be given.

Amenities: all children under eight years must be accompanied by an adult and be supervised at all times.  Please consider others when using the facilities by leaving them in a clean, neat and tidy condition.  No pets are allowed inside the amenities.

Check out: checkout time is strictly 10 AM.  Booking extensions are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Early departures: no refunds will be given should you wish to cut your stay short or in the event of bad weather.

Children: parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour.  Children under 8 years must be escorted to, and supervised in the amenities, pool, camp kitchen etc. by an adult.  No riding of bikes after dark or around amenities.  Keep to walking pace. Bikes, scooters skateboards etc are not to be left on the pathways.

Fires: we do not have a permit for open fires at any time.

Fish cleaning: is not permitted inside the park or amenities.

Laundry: washing machines are $4 & driers $3.  Machines only take one dollar coins, change and washing powder is available at the office.  No temporary clotheslines are to be erected in the trees.

Pets: the “pet friendly” rules are necessary for animal harmony. Please read and strictly obey them at all times.

Pool: hours are8 AM to 8 PM.  Be aware that there is no lifeguard on duty.  All children under eight years of age are to be supervised by an adult whilst in the pool area.  No glass is to be taken into the pool area.  No bombing or diving is allowed.  Pets are not permitted in the pool area.

Power leads: only certified 15 amp power leads may be used and the use of any power board or double adapter is strictly prohibited.  Damage caused by poor power leads will be charged to your account.  Leads must not be a trip hazard or cross walkways.

Quiet times: noise must be kept to an absolute minimum between 10 PM and 6:30 AM.

Rubbish disposal: all rubbish must be wrapped in plastic bags to reduce odours and flies.  NO fish scraps are to be placed in the bins.

Recycle Bins: are ONLY to be used for bottles, plastic, aluminium and cardboard.  DO NOT put used food containers into the recycle bins unless washed out.

Security: keep your valuables safe and your caravans locked; remember our park is open to the roadway.  The management has no responsibility for theft or burglaries.

Sites: please keep your site tidy and neat.  If it requires maintenance or mowing please notify the office.  Be careful not to damage trees or shrubs when setting up.

Smoking: by law there can be no smoking inside any building in the park or within 15 m of any doorway.

Speed limit: you must observe a 5 KmH speed limit at all times within the parks ground.  Children must be safe.

Parking: you may only bring one car into the park.  Large vehicles and additional cars must be left outside the park.  Do not park on empty sites or slabs as this frequently causes major problems for late check-ins.

Tents & Annexes: Trenches must not be dug around tents or annexes without specific permission from the manager. Pegs must not be driven into the ground where there might be plumbing or underground power. ASK if you’re unsure.

Vans and Camper trailers: must be registered and in towable condition with their towbars facing the roadway.

Motorhomes and Buses: must be backed into the site.

Boats and trailers: must be parked outside the grounds.

Visitors: you are responsible for the behaviour of your guests.  Please ensure that they leave the park by 10 PM.  Visitors must leave their vehicles outside the park as we have no onsite spaces available.

Ours is a close community; acceptance of these rules is a pre-requisite for staying in our caravan park.